Call for Papers

The articles, written in Italian, French, English or Spanish, should be no longer than 10,000 words and be accompanied by an abstract in English of no more than 150 words.
Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic version both in .odt and .pdf format to the following address:
Body text should be in 11-point Times New Roman font (10-pt for footnotes).
Short quotations should be enclosed within «double angle quotes». Quotations that are more than five lines should be placed in a free-standing block of text without quotation marks starting on a new line.
Footnotes (not endnotes) should be used. The Harvard referencing style is accepted.
Papers will be submitted to double-blind review process.
Authors are responsible for the content of their articles.
All the intellectual property rights belong to the publishers. Any total or partial reproduction is prohibited.

Transliteration for Arabic

ʾ, b, t, ṯ, ǧ, ḥ, ḫ, d, ḏ, r, z, s, š, ṣ, ḍ, ṭ, ẓ, ʿ, ġ, f, q, k, l, m, n, h, w, y, ā-ī-ū, à (alif maqṣūrah), ah-at (ta’ marbūṭah), al- (anche davanti alle lettere «solari»), ay, aw (dittonghi), ayy, iyy.


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