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Year V, Issues 9-10, December 2015

Preface - by Francesco De Angelis e Paola Viviani
  Revolution and its Aftermath in Libya and Egypt
Elvira Diana – Prison Autobiographies in Libyan Literature: Siǧniyyāt (Prison Sketches) by ‘Umar Abū ’l-Qāsim al-Kiklī
Francesco De Angelis – Graphic Novels and Comic Books in
Post-Revolutionary Egypt: some remarks
Alessandro Buontempo – The Egyptian Revolution and its Discontent:
al-Ṭābūr by Basmah ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz and al-Tamāsīḥ by Yūsuf Raḫā
Cristina Dozio – Rebellion in the Public and the Private Sphere: Nādī
al-sayyārāt by ʻAlā’ al-Aswānī
  Modes of Expression in Revolutionary Syria
Ada Barbaro – The Very Short Story at the Time of the Revolution:
al-Mihmāz (The Spur) and the Syrian writer Zakariyyā Tāmir
Arturo Monacoal-Ša‘b al-Sūrī Wāḥid (The Syrian People Are One): Syrian artists and intellectuals against sectarianism
Fatima Sai – The Limits of Representation. The Transformation of Aesthetics in Syrian Artistic and Social Discourse
Notes on Contributors

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