Studies on Modern and Contemporary Arabic Literature

Isabella Camera d'Afflitto, Cento anni di cultura palestinese.Roma, Carocci, 2007, pp. 263

Palestine's political events have been for decades into the limelight of the world's media scene. Palestinians' dominant representation is inevitably linked to an irreducible conflict between leaders, victims, laic or Islamic fighters, while the ambiguous figure of the martyr-attacker has recently come to the forefront. But this book wants to tell another story. In fact, its aim is to bring out Palestinian history as the country's intellectuals gave it through their personal experiences and, above of all, through their works. It is not just "resistance literature", rather it is "literature as resistance": to the enemy's violence, as well as to internal powers and dogmas linked to "the cause", to the erasure of the memory, to censorship and forms of oppression exerted within the Palestinian society by political leaders, patriarchal structures and ideological as well as political exploitation.

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